About Us

Mack Aviation Services is a aircraft brokerage company that can assist you in the buying and selling of your aircraft. With our appraisal services, we always know what "fair market value" is. Having been in the market for more than 2.5 decades, and with the love of aviation, it would be a pleasure to serve you and your needs.


I had my pilot’s license before my driver’s license. At age 15, I acquired a private pilot’s license. After a few weeks of my parents driving me to the airport to go fly, they finally let me get my driver’s license. Always knowing that I wanted to be a pilot, I enjoyed the second half of high school with a pilot’s license. I worked on my instrument license before going to college where I obtained my instrument and commercial license. I graduated from college with a bachelor degree with a major in aviation science. I then went on to flying part 135 (freight). After flying freight for roughly one year, and learning a lot about weather (because the freight doesn’t mind the ride) I went on to flying King Air’s. This is where I got my ATP license. I then moved cities to Houston. I joined a 135 operation flying King Air’s, Westwind’s and Gulfstream’s. I was gone a lot. Having just gotten married I needed to be home a little more. I moved up to flying commercial part 121. I now am a ATP rated pilot with about 4,500 hours logged. Aviation is a field I love and belong in. I would love the opportunity to become your aircraft broker.      


Selling an Airplane   Ever tried to sell an airplane? It seems simple, but it is not. Tire kickers come out from everywhere. Extreme low bidders flood your telephone with silly offers. Everyone is an expert. It is time to let a professional handle the work load. We can advertise and get the deal done fairly, with little work from you. 

     Buying an Airplane   Starting out with your first airplane? Upgrading? No problem. This is what we specialize in. It can take a long time to find the right airplane for you. We can scour through many used airplanes on the market and find the right one to pursue. I can find the right value of each aircraft.Give customers a reason to do business with you.